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Music must be on a CD, with a label including artist name, song title, contact name, contact phone email address Only ONE song from an artist can be submitted (an instrumental of the song can be on CD as well) because only one song can be submitted, make it your very best song All Whether you submit your music to these blogs or use a PR agency, make sure you are professional and follow the submission directions.Please keep in mind that each of these blogs have their own style/sub-genre of Hip-Hop they post about so some might not be a good fit for you. Home Hip Hop 101 How to Submit to Hip Hop Blogs.Your music should not be a race, it should be a marathon. Everything that you put out should be the best of you. How To Find Hip-Hop Blogs In Your City To Submit Your Music To.Twerk Music Mix 2015 - Best Hip Hop Twerk Rap Songs Trap Remix Playlist. Duration: 42:54 Size: 39.28 MB. Below are five good blogs for hip hop artists to reach out to Here are some of the top promo channels to promote your music they are entitled toGenres Chilled Hiphop, Triphop and Jazzhop Subscribers , Contact submit [The Ultimate List] Top Hip Hop blogs to submit your music to. Not only do people like compliments, but most hip-hop blogs dont get a lot of comments. This is an easy way to get their attention.You want to submit exclusive, unreleased music. This helps the blog look good and get more viewers. Record Label. Blog. Music Industry Directory.We want to hear your best instrumental HipHop jams. Submit beats now for your chance to be featured!SUMMER HIP-HOP.

Nyhla Records curate this cool playlist of summer hiphop. hip-hop, Music Business 101, Marketing Promotion.Image via Pixabay. Blog features, social media, and email marketing are some of the more popular methods of ensuring your music reaches beyond your local network of supporters. Explore our royalty free Hip-Hop music collection. Written by world-class composers, our incredible Hip-Hop tracks are exclusive and copyright clear.Submit Music. Support. Contact Us FAQ Cue Sheets Blog. Hip Hop | Rap Music Videos.Submit Music. Video Submission. Guaranteed submissions only 10 one time payment (this will include 1days free promotion on our social media accounts). 5 Best Hip Hop Blogs Websites 2018.

1. HotNewHipHop.Besides, you cant submit your own music. Are you passionate about music production and composing your own Hip Hop beats?How you can submit your tracks to be securely uploaded to a YouTubes Content ID list, as well as you, can monetize your Soundcloud plays. For hip-hop artists looking for coverage on hip-hop blogs, it can be a time consuming process to collect the contact information for hip-hop bloggers.You can use this list to submit music to hip hop blogs that are a good fit for you. Here are 12 helpful music production blogs that are just as great or even better than Hip Hop Makers.Some libraries to submit music here Hip Hop instrumental -Hard Agressive Bell Beat-(FREE TO USE ). Duration: 03:19 Size: 3.05 MB.Lyrics Blink 182 Going Away To College Lyrics Download I M Better Missy Elliott Mp3 Country Music Festival Nashville Tickets Shady Grove Pretty Little Miss Lyrics Reach Out And Touch The Lord Mp35-best-hip-hop-blogs-to-submit-your-music-promolta-blog-of-hip-hop- blog-submission-1.png.The issue currently is related to retail blog as most of us think of it as a single of crucial issue. Many pictures that is related have got been gathered and below is the very first photo: The photograph Submissions information for Sphere of Hip-Hop. Find details on how to pitch your latest music, video or news for consideration.Donate. Submit / Contact.Our editors enjoy great variety in their hip-hop. Any style is welcome but it better be fresh! Read about the greatest artists in the world of hip hop, both old and current ones who are at the top. ThisSongSlaps brings you the best hip hop music you can enjoy and have a great time listening to.Submit A Song. Hip-Hop. We are a top independent Hip Hop site featuring the freshest Indie/Underground Hip Hop music from around the world.5 Best Hip Hop Blogs To Submit Your Music Promolta Top 100 Music Blogs 2015 Musicians Empowered. Hip-hop social media guru Mike Trampe provides insight on the best practices for submitting music to blogs how to improve the chances of getting posted.Consider this the long-awaited follow-up to my old Words From a Music Blogger column on submitting music. Jazz and hip hop independent music can be submitted here for consideration.They will post up music from all genres if it has a good vibe to it.

Have you successfully submitted music to a top indie music blog before? How To Find Hip-Hop Blogs In Your City To Submit Your Music To - Duration: 2:55.Dos and Donts of Submitting Music to Blogs - Duration: 8:33. Wanja Lange 3,060 views. 100 Music Blogs for Music Submissions. To make it easier to read, Ive organized the entire list as a table.Electronic, indie, hip hop.2925. Non-genre focused will post music from most genres if good enough. Tiny Mixtapes.You now have a list of 100 blogs to submit your music to. mp3skull music download. Incomparable up to date hiphop secretes.Most of us want your ex very well. On any sidenote, many of us likewise seen unconfirmed rumours involving Fresh Turk once again working together with his former collection mates Weezy and Teenager a great recognized Hot Boys PLEASE NOTE: Read the terms below before downloading these beats: YOU MAY: Use these beats as backing music for your videos on Youtube but due to the Youtube content ID system, you will NOT be able .Stream Tracks and Playlists from Free Hip Hop Beats ! ! ! on your desktop or mobile device. We showcase to you, the hottest hip hop websites, top hip hop blogs, and best hip hop apps, that serious unsigned, and independent artist use, to promote, their brand.Thursday, July 7, 2016. Submit Rap Music As youll see, it was well worth it! This is a huge resource for any up coming rapper! I have been submitting music to hip hop blogs for years.There are a lot of hip hop blogs out there but these are some of the top hip hop blogs to submit music to. Always remember to follow up and be consistent with your submissions. Submit music every chance you get and make sure your music is good quality.Tags: hip hop blog submission email list, hip hop blog submission service, hip hop blogs to submit music, indie hip hop blogs, top hip hop XXLs Official 100 Best Hip-Hop Web Sites, Pt. 1 (-K) - XXL 3 Nov 2017 Looking for top Hip hop blogs to submit your music to?Best Hip Hop Music Blogs of 2017 | Symphonic Distribution The Word Is Bond is a hiphop blog that serves the best of the Underground hip hop scene from talented This will give you the best-possible indicator of what music it likes to share.Think of Eminems story about being bullied and finding refuge in hip-hop, or NWAs story of facing racial discriminationMetal Bee on SoundCloud Adds Real Time Stats. Sacredexile on 100 Blogs To Submit Your Music To. About: "If from the Nordics, submit to blog Swede Sour first. If there is an upcoming video, let me know to save posting time."About: "We prefer hip hop and rb. Please only send us music that was released within the past 2 months." The good: Part of the "Really Good Bloggers" (RGB) program Submit your music now!Potholes In My Blog is an award-winning hip-hop blog based in Phoenix, AZ, and your lifeline to good ass music as they say. This list of hip hop blogs are focused on issues in the hip hop blog community. Urban music blogs typically cover rap, hip hop and RB. Be sure toGMINDSHIPHOP added GMinds - All your Hiphop and Entertainment videos. The best place for your videos! Submit your video for Get Signed by Record Labels, Music Publishers, Music Supervisors at Song Submit! See More.Nothing better than hip hop music, Learn how to freestyle rap here These phrases are best suited to RnB, Dirty South, Pop, Hip Hop and other similar styles.Platinum producer DJ Pain 1 teams up with FL Studio Music to release the 8th installment of the popular Hip Hop Elements series. HipHop-N-More prides itself for providing its readers with the freshest and hottest hip-hop news, music, videos, interviews and features.The blog covers all styles of hip-hop music and encourages upcoming artists to submit their work. The blog strives to provide the best possible music to its I have done my level best with this article to help guide you. Take this information to help get your music featured on hip hop blogs.To Sum Up My Post On How To Submit Rap Music To Hip Hop Blogs And Get Featured. The following Hip-Hop blogs are currently accepting music submissions via DropTrack. Click a link below to submit your music Funky Music to Hip Hop beat. Duration: 02:58 Size: 2.73 MB.Uk Better Day Lyrics Ariana Grande Dean Ambrose S Theme Song I Won T Give Up Lyrics Shakira Barry White Love Songs Lyrics Download Rihanna Disturbia Mp3 Zapp I Wanna Be Your Man Mp3 A Million Men Lyrics Meaning The Dos and Donts of Submitting Music To Blogs: Free Hip Hop Music Promotion Tips.A good way to promote old music is to make a best of mixtape showcasing all your older material. Submit Hip Hop Music Videos To PwrMoves Submit hip hop music to one of the fastest growing hip hop blogs online!We receive hundred of submissions from up and coming hip hop artists, and try to do our best to listen to every one. We can help Hip Hop artist, rappers, Producers promote Press Releases, New Music, Music Videos and also arrange interviews.Its Hip Hop Music provides to you the best hip hop blog submission, submit music to hip hop blogs on its Hip Hop HIP HOP IS BACK blog wants to feature your new music on our INSTAGRAM page!Hip Hop is Back Blog Celebrates BLACK HISTORY MONTH! February 10, 2018February 10, 2018 by hiphopisbackblog. Yappari HipHop Yet Another Hip-Hop Blog You Heard That New Your Music Fix.Remember that coverage on blogs is good. Develop relationships and turn those music posts to interviews, reviews, and even sponsorship opportunities. Here are the current global and US rankings of the best hip hop music blogs: Rap Radar Global Rank: 112,146 USA Rank: 29,895.Download our Spotify Guide. Listen to our Latest Playlist. Submit your Music. Pitching your music to hip-hop blog editors and owners is an important part of getting your music posted on hip-hop blogs.Having a relationship with an editor or blog owner when submitting your pitch makes things easier. Submit.The sample pack contains hard RB and Hip Hop drum samples as well as RB and Hip Hop drum loops and synth sounds.We are initially focused on Hip Hop, Trap and Electronic Music and as we grow we will branch out into other genres. Never miss a Moment. Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold.its HIP HOP music itsHIPHOPmusic Feb 6. Follow Follow itsHIPHOPmusic. Best Hip Hop Blogs List. Find information on latest hip hop music, mix tapes, albums, reviews, artists, culture, style, gossip, DJ, YouTube Videos, rap, RB music, urban music and much more by following top hip hop sites.SUBMIT BLOG. ThisSongSlaps brings you the best hip hop music you can enjoy and have a great time listening to.3 Nov 2017 Looking for top Hip hop blogs to submit your music to? Check this Ultimate List.

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