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A lot many users have this problem with iCloud accounts when they have a couple of them across few of their iOS devices (and Macs).Heres how to delete or change iCloud account on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch background: I have one iCloud account, an iPhone from the UK (6s) and an iPhone from the US (X) with different carriers. Im having a hard time changing my new iPhone X (US) to the US store. I have two iPhone / two phone numbers on one Account - one for me and one for my teenager. I set up Find My Phone on my phone. In Settings, I turned both iCloud icons to ON. Step 5: After you have deleted the previous iCloud account, you can go back to "Settings" and sign into iCloud with another iCloud account again. Thats the last step you need to make to change iCloud account on iPad or iPhone. If iCloud is not listed then you do not yet have an iCloud linked to your phone.Changes made on these menus will be reflected on the iCloud account associated with your iPhones contacts. My wife and I have iPhone with iOS 10. We shared an iCloud account since we got iPhones many years ago. She recently got a new phone and when one of us receives calls, it rings on both phones. iOS users can run into iCloud account problems as they may have more than one iCloud account.It is easy to change iCloud account as long as you sign out the current iCloud account.

But the problem lies in your iPhone/iPad/iPod data. It is currently set up with my husbands iCloud acct. Can we have two accounts on this device?Follow these steps to add another iCloud account: (I took the screenshots on an iPhone, but it is smiliar to your iPad). If you have bought a new iPhone, you can always make a backup of present contacts in the iCloud and restore it on the new iPhone.Please go to the settings on new iPhone and login with the second iCloud account. Your iCloud account is used for iCloud Backup, apps and another data. If you have done a backup also with your apps, you can easily download them on a new device or restore them on an existing device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC. This method permanently removes the current iCloud account from your iPhone / iPad. Then it will be free and you can associate it with your own iCloud account.Option 2: If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, your IMEI is printed on the back of the device. In a classic case of one step forward, two steps back, Apple has eliminated the ability to use multiple iCloud accounts for FaceTime and Messages in iOS 11, meaning theAs inconvenient as this omission is, theres still a way to use alternate iCloud accounts on your iPhone with a little hackery. What should you do if you want to change an iCloud account you do not know, the article also provides the detailed process if you purchased a second hand iPhone with iCloud account. If you have more queries about changing iCloud account Removing iCloud Account without a Password. Here are the steps to remove an iCloud account on iPhone/iPad.Step 3. Youll now be taken to a different iCloud screen where youll notice Find My iPhone has automatically been turned off. If you have configured the iPhone, please learn how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup after initial setup.Choose the option of "Restore From iCloud Backup" and enter your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Choose the backup you want and download it. Over the last day or two, several Mac users appear to have been locked out of their machines after hackers signed into their iCloud accounts and initiated a remote lock using Find My iPhone. While you try to create an iCloud account on your iPhone, at times you get a message saying that the maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone.Solution 1: Create a new iCloud account on different iOS devices. Q: My wife and I each have iPhones and Im worried about losing information on one or the other when I enable iCloud.However, you can actually configure more than one iCloud account on a single device, allowing you to share a single iCloud account for some information while keeping other iCloud accounts, even though not easily hacked, can still be hacked by skilled hackers or simply by people who are aware of your account details.Why not have a try? Part 3: Bypass iCloud activation on iPhone with a suitable tool. With a locked iCloud account, the essential functions of the iDevice are basically out of reach.Before you can unlock your iPhone 6, 6s, 5 or 5s iCloud account, you first have to visit the Official iPhoneUnlock website. If you have someones iPhone activated with access to the springboard but you dont know the icloud password linked to that specific device, you can recover the passcode changing the icloud and Apple IDgo to icloud account and signout type the new password. enjoy icloud 100 icloud free. As you can see from the question quoted above, sometimes, we may want to have two or multiple iCloud accounts on one iPhone or iPad for whatever reasons.Also Read: How to Merge Two or Multiple iCloud Accounts >. You either have to use the Apple ID linked to the iPhone to unlock it or unlink the iPhone from the connected iCloud account. However, you could also choose to delete iCloud account locking your iPhone. The used marketplace has tons of listings that offer previously-owned iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s, older and even newer models. There is always a risk of you purchasing a used Apple smartphone with iCloud account being linked to the device. How can I manage 2 iPhones with two iCloud accounts on one PC? How too add another iPhone to Maps with DIFFERENT iCloud accounts.IPhone (not my iCloud account but still has my info and settings on it), able to transfer stuff to correct iCloud on my newer MBA? If you want to store some Notes only on your iPhone, create at least one note before turning Notes on in iCloud (or turn Notes off in SettingsiCloud, create a note, and then turn it back on).

You then see an On My iPhone section in the Accounts list. If you have multiple accounts If you recently restored your iphone with iOS 9, you may receive a message when you select your iCloud account information under Settings -> iCloud.Selections Get Verification Code or Ok. It seems the restore has somehow corrupted your iCloud login ID on your iOS device (iPhone). My wife is getting her 5s this week and in the past we just shared an iCloud account and tweaked the syncing up to our liking since she only had an iPod touch 5th gen and iPad 2.Similar Threads. iPhone 6 to release mid-cycle? By jmr1015 in forum iPhone 6. For example, there are a lot of users who may have this problem (with the activation lock feature) simply for the reason that they bought a used apple iPhone device either online or from a second hand retailer. iOSDownload DoulCi Activatorv2.0 [ Mac ]. How To Delete iCloud Account iPhone 7/7. My wife and I both have iPhones and wanted to sync both Photostreams/ iClouds to the same Photostream folder on our Windows 7 PC with only 1 Windows login After enabling iCloud Notes sync on your iPhone, the original iPhone notes still remain on the device and are not pushed to the iCloud account.If you have an iPad, this newly-created notes account will be called On My iPad. I would like to put my wifes iphone on my icloud account so in the end we will have 2 iphones and one macbook on the account is that possible?My wife and I each have an iPhone 5. We have one iCloud account because we share our calendar and contacts. The below instructions are good for all generations of Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad.For example: if you have one contact on your phone and four contacts on your iCloud account, both iCloud and the phone will end up with the same 5 contacts. Share an iCloud account for backing up contacts, sharing photo streams, syncing family calendars, or accessing music in your iTunes library without having it all downloaded on your device. Create a separate iCloud account for using the app Find My iPhone, which tracks and disables your phone My manager wants us to use just 1 icloud account and have each iphone user to share this icloud account so share apps and so on. However they are having some issues where the other users photos will appear on their iphone and they will have messages (presumably imessage) Having many iCloud accounts is not something you can sustain for long, so you will want to delete iCloud account at some point, or change iCloud account.Next, lets see how you can delete the iCloud account on your iPhone or iPad Deleting your iCloud account is pretty simple. And while this may be easier to have all account type settings in one location, old habits can be tough to break, and changing the location of something can lead to some confusion.How to Delete Old iCloud Backups on iPhone iPad. While having multiple iCloud Accounts is not recommended, it is not uncommon for users to delete an iCloud Account and create a new one. In this post we are showing you the steps to delete your existing iCloud Account from iPhone or iPad and switch to a new iCloud account. Play a sound on iPhone from iCloud window to ensure a new connection was created. If it does, choose from iCloud window Erase iPhone.After all these steps, youll no longer have an iCloud activation lock. The iCloud account will be removed from the device. Everyone who wants to use iCloud needs their own, individual iCloud account, with their own separate buckets of calendars, contacts, photos, and so on.While this may be initially confusing to iPhone users, it has the advantage of unifying the user interface across the three devices. And the old owner forget to remove his iCloud account from his iPhone.Wi-Fi Vulnerability: In November 2016, the security researcher Hemanth Joseph has discovered the wifi bug while trying to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. You have two iPhones, both are configured to use the same iCloud account and having their contacts synchronised via iCloud. On your old iPhone, for some reason, youd like to turn OFF the synchronisation of your contacts. We do each have our own iCloud accounts, and on our iPhones we are signed into our respective accounts. Right now, the MacBook is logged in under my iCloud account. My question is wether there is a way to have two iCloud accounts on the same Mac for the purpose of Continuity/Handoff Even though you can directly restore the data on your iPhone from an iTunes or iCloud backup, you may lose all the new data created on the device.How to Have 2 Snapchat Accounts on One iPhone. It appears that the iphone want the appleid to set up an icloud account. why does icloud delete deleted messages. iPhone Calendar App not Properly Synching to iCloud. iCloud apple ID problems. But do you know how to change iCloud account directly on your iOS devices? This passage will tell you how to delete the old iCloud account and then change into a new iCloud account, taking iPhone as example! Part 1. How to Delete iCloud Account on iPhone. I have two iPhones: an IP4s issued by my job, and my personal IP4.Ideally, Id like to use the same iCloud account to back up both devices, but Im getting the impression that this cant be done. Is this possible? The reason you should know how to delete iCloud account is because youve purchased the iPhone from someone else and want to remove all his or her content from the device. I have just purchased two iPhones, one for me, and one for the wife. We currently share one iTunes account, and I have one iCloud account.Posted on Oct 1, i want to be like this: 2 iPhones, one Apple ID for appstore, Itunes ext. and 2 Icloud, iMessage ext. accounts. Now the question: is it possible to have the same iCloud account on both iPhones, and still use them like two individual phones under different Apple IDs? Please let me know if this is doable.

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