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I have an Asus X551MAV laptop (all the specs can be found here: httpUnplugging it doesnt change anything, the blinking LED will only turn off if theSeems letting the battery drain and recharging from 0 was the solution. Laptop turned off when battery discharged at 50 - 55 Forum. Solvedwhen a fone is switched off for 1 hour does the battery drain Forum.Asus Battery Drains While Laptop Is Off. SolvedAsus laptop battery shows 80 plugged in, charging, but if I remove power cord, system turns off. I got a W3-810 a week ago. So far it is great except for a problem with the battery it loses about 1-2 per hour when shut down--most, but not all of the time see below.Seven hours later when I turned it on, it was still at 52. It isnt the battery, when I remove it from the laptop it doesnt drain.It shouldnt drain the battery unless something gets turned on! Are you sure the Vaio is completely switched off and not set to Standby or Hibernate. If it is off for 7-8 days, then the battery is drained completely and it wont turn on at all.I used Ubuntu 11.10 in the same laptop before and it had the same problem. But strangely, when I dual booted Linux Mint, and gave it a test run about this battery issue, it didnt have this problem at all. 846 Answers. Re: Asus laptop wont turn on. Usually this is a breakdown of the powerstage of your motherboard.Youve been working off your battery even though you might have had the power cord plugged in, but if its bad and not charging the battery, the battery drains and then you cant get the Whenever my computer completely drains its battery (those rare cases when I use it until it turns off), after II know it is not just displaying jt wrong because if I unplug the laptop it turns off. My solution so far is toNote: Documented for ASUS X200MA, running Xubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit. Related issues. Asus Laptop Battery Status: Plugged in, not charging.Replace battery. Plug in AC Adapter. Turn on laptop, allow Windows7 to boot.

You should also unplug the ac adapter and let the battery drain all the way down until your laptop shuts off. Earlier when i used to put my Laptop sleep mode it doesnt used to wake up, so I used to power it off and restart it again, now that got fixed on itself somehow. and now new issue has come up, now my computers battery is draining while its on sleep mode. I am using Asus zenbook UX303UB Intet i5 Some optional hardware that can be turned off while not in use are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared. This can be toggled by using settings in your laptop, by software or by pressingPlaying music and games eats a lot of battery power expect your battery to drain faster when doing playing games or music.

The battery in a laptop turned off should keep its power for a week or more.As Gator stated there is a drain if the battery is left connected (and degradation of battery if the AC Adapter remains connected as well).1YearOld Battery Hello there, I have an one year-old ASUS K53S Laptop Even if the computer is turned off, the battery may still have enough charge to power the LED power light. Youll know the battery is completely drained when the power light noFlag as My Laptop is an Asus and the tip of the charger is bent and wont charge. How can I fix it without breaking it? How to fix battery drain. BIOS Update Alone Did NOT Fix the problem Fix Lenovo Battery Drain Dead Dies when Turned off. Sometimes Windows 10 starts to manage power improperly and turns off the battery charging when it is needed.Turn on your laptop. 4. Board microcircuitry failure (hardware issue). Personally I encountered such an issue with my ASUS K501UX laptop (again Asus, yeah) which was roughly 10 Things are going okay for now. However, when I boot down, the process goes all the way to Power down and does nothing.I went ahead and turned off the laptop with the off and on switch. The next time I tried to use it the battery was So at night I turn off my tablet with 100 battery by pressing the power buttonI contacted Asus and they essentially told me it was my problem since theIf your drain occurs when the device is fully off docked, then try undocking This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Does laptop battery drain itself when hibernating? By Bryan84, January 29, 2008 in Hardware Hangout.Hibernation takes the same ammount of battery as being turned off. Is it normal that the battery is being drained when laptop is fully turned off?Have you tried disabling Asus Ai Charge entirely? It has an option of charging devices while turned off and something wonky might have occurred there for it to ASUS Laptop Battery Overheating. by Sheelina Rocsmith on Jul 2, 2013 at 11:34 UTC.Which of the following retains the information its storing when the system power is turned off? Charging it overnight is fine, just turn it off while its charging. Also, try to prevent the laptop from overheating as that may damage the battery too.

Asus U52 Laptop shuts down when unplugged after about 20 of battery is drained.?My laptop battery drains when my laptop is off.? My laptop powered off yesterday due to low battery.The laptop battery is now draining 20 overnight when the laptop is shutdown and unplugged.Now when I turn it on I get to the Logo (asus) then get a black screen. I havent noticed it on either machines, but have picked up a brand new Sony vaio CW to replace the Lenovo and it suffers badly from battery drain.They also claim that laptops use up around 15 a day when turned OFF and this is normal? Every time I shut down the computer and turn it back on after a day, the battery level decreases by about 5. Im sure that the computer is shut down, not inLaptop suddenly off without notice the battery level. 0. Battery drains during hibernation (to disk) and even when completely shut down. 0. Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Windows Laptops Battery Life. Watching the life drain from your laptop when you are2. Turn off backlit Keyboards. If your notebook has a backlit keyboard, it will certainly help you see keys in ahow to crack laptop password. forgot windows 8 password on asus laptop. For example, my laptop gives me 15 brightness levels zero turns the display off, while 15 is maximum brightness. When Im in an airplane and watchingThe biggest battery drains for your laptop. While laptop makers (such as Asus, Sony, and Dell) tend to do everything in their power (pardon the pun)and, its not wifi -- Ive physically turned wifi off before suspending, and the battery still drainsoh, and I hate to have to say this, but: if Im booted into Windows (7 starter, came on the netbook when purchased), I can leave the machine suspended for weeks Battery drain even when shut down ? Standby Problems - No Wake and Battery Drain! Acer one 250 cut out when moved please help.sathyasathyaacse posted Jan 17, 2018. Asus G551JM keeps shutting off once the charger is removed. After getting a new battery, there is still battery drain when the laptop is shutMy Asus netbooks NEVER drain the batteries like this, regardless of batteryI leave the laptop powered off for 16 hours. Asus laptop wont start up. What can be the problem?Please do the following. Turn off the laptop completely and disconnect the AC adapter. Remove the battery and press and hold the power button for about 60 seconds. I see this was/is a problem with Sony laptops toobut just popping my battery off and back on is not an option for meAny ideas?My ASUS battery light now shows solid red which means it is charging however when I hit theHavent tried letting the battery drain down, afraid to fool with it anymore. How to fix battery drain. BIOS Update Alone Did NOT Fix the problem Fix Lenovo Battery Drain Dead Dies when Turned off. So, it drains your battery even when its not on. And always welcome. :-) No. Fastboot does store memory to disk like hibernate but the PC is off when off.The laptop does turn off when you shut it down The fans keep on running. Asus Battery Drains While Laptop Is Off - Tech Support.Samsung Galaxy Core 2 wont turn on after battery drained, turns on for a few seconds and then turns off again Forum. My asus t100ta transformer is draing battery when turned on even if the charger is 0lugged in. It says plugged in, charging, but is slowly draining battery.I cak only use it for now if I charge the laptop when it is turned OFF, so it charges. turn laptop off unplug the AC power and remove the battery then reconnect the AC power and turn laptop on again when boot is finished do aHey I have an asus s500c and my laptop died about a week ago finally bought a new charger but when I plug it in it doesnt show a light that it is Computer: Asus Zenbook, UX301LA, Intel, 8 GB, Windows 10, etc. Not quite sure which forum to post this in so I thought Id ask here first. Once is awhile when I turn my laptop off fully or put it to sleep I come back later to find the battery is totally drained. Asus laptop 97 Not charging turns off when power is unplugged.Thought there may have been a dodgy power connection. Then a few minutes later ( when battery drained) SPLAT. Computer: Asus Zenbook, UX301LA, Intel, 8 GB, Windows 10, etc. Not quite sure which forum to post this in so I thought IdOnce is awhile when I turn my laptop off fully or put it to sleep I come back later to find the battery is totally drained. Wi-Fi drains the battery by constantly drawing power from the battery and, when not connected, looking for networks. When youre using your laptop away from the grid, the likelihood is youre away from wireless networks, so you can turn this device off. Incompatible Laptop Battery causing No Battery is Detected Error in Windows 7 5 Tools to get Status Information About your Laptop Battery 7 Tools To Manually Turn Off Notebook or Laptop LCDThank you, method 3 worked for me after trying methods 1 and 2 with no success ( Asus 1001px). I recently purchaded HP 250 G5 laptop, small problem is that it drains power from the battery when turned off. I use the laptop only about once a week. Last week it was charged to 100 when I turned it off, turned it on today and its down to 87. > ThinkPad: 11e (Windows), 13, E and Edge series Laptops. > e535 high battery drain when laptop is off.Every time I turn off the laptop (not hibernating, not sleeping) and unplug the power cable from the Ac Outlet the battery loses around 20 of charge every 24 hours Ive no idea why but something is draining the battery when the laptop is switched OFF.Asus Announces Mixed Reality Headset. Kingston Unveils Nucleum 7-in-1 USB-C Hub. Toshiba, Kingston Announce New Notebook SSD Solutions. Hi all, If I detach the battery from my E4200 it never looses charge. can lie around for weeks - no problem. If I stick it into my E4200 it drains empty within 24 hour even though I never turn the laptop on.When I plug the E4200 into AC, it often fails to begin charging, but not always. solved Laptop battery drain whilst fully turned off.How to stop windows xp from asking to turn off or restart. solved Asus laptop battery shows 80 plugged in, charging, but if I remove power cord, system turns off. Similar Topics. Laptop turns-off after 3 min when runs on battery. Dec 30, 2011. Battery draining fast on Galaxy Note 3. Dec 14, 2014. sony vaio pcg-934A laptop shuts off automatically when using battery only. LAPTOP BATTERY: Why do laptop batteries drain even when the laptop is not in use, its turned off? My laptops battery drains even when it is in sleep mode. Is it a hardware problem or a software problem? Even if i turn off my laptop, it still use the battery. Its few percent per day - is it normal? After day or two i loose 20 of juice.To power off. Yesterday it was 49, today only 29 20 less when turned off. The laptop was draining while giving the message. As in, under 20. However, it seems to have solved itself after a few restarts anyways. EeePC 1005HAB Battery "plugged in. it says plugged in. not charging but does get juice when turned off SOLUTION My Asus laptop isnt changing. Alfawise. ASUS.TechTablets Forums Cube Forums i7 Core M / i7 Stylus Discussion Battery drain when tablet turned OFF.

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