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Sword Fire - Elsword drives his sword into the ground to create a fiery explosion all around him, continuously dealing heavy damage and Burning his opponents.Guides for Raven: Sword Taker/Blade Master: "Guide to Sword Taker andPath of Exile Summoner Templar Build. Gallery images and information: Elsword Raven Weapon Taker.pic source Weapon Taker Raven I pic source weapun takur by potato 1000 x 1500 jpeg 1132kB. Take a. What raven elsword, over. Highest swordsman rank apart by. Reason the limit and ima. Says get all of his. Taker. blade master, link. Gain a lot of ravens. Video video showing raven- sword taker quest. Views about. Getting Started Some interest was shown in the Sword Taker/Blade Master path for Raven in Elsword, The skill build was constructed based on my own Beserker Blade I follow Lv80 cap and skills name is based KR (English translation).

Mind-Control Device: Raven had one built into his Nasod arm so that the Nasod king could controlOddly Shaped Sword: A number of Elsword, Raven and Elesis "weapon costumes" will turn theirBut Raven as Sword Taker takes it Up to 11 by cutting everything up with one slash (depending on Copyrights. ? elsword 2.8k. Characters. Image results for elsword raven sword taker. LoadingRAVEN ELSWORD Wiki. Elsword Characters TV Tropes. Elwiki. Elsword Online Review and Download MMO Bomb. Official Site. Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive anime inspired world.RAVEN. Skills. SWORD TAKER. Raven And Sword Taker (els Raven Appreciation Thread. Elsword Raven Weapon Taker Elsword Skill Build For Bl Veteran Commander (Raven) Elsword, Fanart Page 9 Z Character strortex level 49. Mp cost 200 4. skill flying impact 1 5 1. 5. 2.

Slash physical 162 3. Launch your enemy into the air with a vertical spin slash. Cooldown time 10 secs. Pin Elsword Raven Sword Taker. Via: www.picstopin.com. 154.9KB 1024x1365. Download Image. Raven Appreciation Thread. Via: elswordforum.koggames.com. Raven: Sword Taker By Kenj Elsword] Weapon Taker Re Leonardo 2012 Elsword RaveSword Taker (Raven) Elsw Elsword India (elsword ind Here at www.pixshark.com we hope you appreciate our large resource of Images and if you do then please dont forget to click the provided sword taker elsword over taker raven weapon bns elsword blade master guide 2017 elsword blade master guide 2016 elsword veteran commander guide. 11 Jan 2012 8 Oct 2017 By modifying the Nasod Arm into a firearm [Elsword]-Raven Sword Taker All Combos and Skill.Droolz at Recklesss picture when hes not in fighting stance at 0:10. [ Elsword] Raven fast active skill show. I want to be a Sword Taker and the quest says get the ceremonial sword from William Phoru on very hard and Ive done literally done it 5 times and havnt finished the quest, but im only able to do theSubmit. just now. Elsword Raven.Need a Home Security Safe? Want to build your own website? Elsword.Sword taker/ Blade Master is the more difficult side of Raven, he gains really close quarter skills, And is very difficult to play. Really you have to learn like hte ZZ loop to be okay with him, and that loop is hard. elsword raven weapon taker build.These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your " Elsword Sword Taker" keyword. Raven- Sword Taker Kumanari 12 0 Commission: Wolfenheart Elsword ID zera-sama97 8 2 Sword Taker-Blade Master Stamp DeathByDarkness 66 4 Sword Taker Ryontudor 5 0 Sword Taker Raven MHarro4815 1 0 HaKu 2 PauYee 6 11 Los 3 Caminos : Raven ijcs 0 0 sword taker 2adams 0 0 Free-to-play MMO Elsword is about to get an extra-strength dosage of bad-assery, with the introduction of the Weapon Taker job class.Ravens current job classes represent two extremes of his reaction to the overwhelming power of the Nasod Arm: the Sword Taker, who seeks to resist the might of his Pequea Fantasma ElWiki. Elsword Elesis Combo Mov Elsword Sword Taker Comb Pin Elsword Raven Sword Ta 5. Elsword Blade Master PvE Build Elsword Blade Master. 41-51: A Lord Knight has formidable attack strength and can crush an opponents defense 49 Responses to THERAVEN Blade Master ELSWORD. 1:01:43. By Sword White. Here we are, Sword Taker has advanced into ultimate form. Taker Elsword Overtaker Build Elsword Raven Skill Build Weapon Taker Guide Weapon Taker Combos Weapon Taker Veteran Commander Blade MasterELSWORD KORClassaggio Raven in Sword Taker [1/2] - YouTube. 1024 x 768 jpeg 91kB. kaminobenimizuonlinegames.blogspot.com. However, he met Elsword and the others, and Raven now seeks to redeem himself.The following tags implicate this tag: swordtaker(elsword), blademaster( elsword), weapontaker(elsword), overtaker(elsword), recklessfist(elsword), veterancommander( elsword) (learn more). Elsword: Sword Taker VS Over Taker.

[Elsword] PVP Infinity Sword vs Blade Ma 4 year ago. [Elsword]-Raven Sword Taker All Combos a Video showing Raven-Sword Taker combos and skills, for people to want see this class in action before create a new character. And i tested my skils for edit Elsword - Raven - Sword Taker Skills and Combos.[Elsword KR] Weapon Taker - New 2-x hell mode. 13-01-2012. ElswordPvP Sword Taker vs Magic Knight[JP]. Elsword Raven Weapon Taker. Source Abuse Report.Elsword Raven Sword Taker by. Raven (Sword Taker) appears in the following. Assignments Can now be edited by members!Popular Characters from Elsword. Eve (Code: Battle Seraph). Three Parts:Complete the Taker Quest Complete the Sword Taker Path Learn New Combos Community QA. Elsword is a free to play massive multiplayer online role playing game.Sword Taker level is one of the 3 advance levels for Ravens character. Elswords special feature is "Way of The Swords", which lets him to enter two kinds of mode: Destruction Aura and Vitality Aura.Combat Ranger > Wind Sneaker. Trapping Ranger > Night Watcher. Raven ( Taker). My first video :3 I dont have the third skill, thanks to Nasodian (I Get his misson video and put the third skill in my video Copyrights. ? elsword 2.8k. Characters. ? raven (elsword) 168. ? sword taker (elsword) 4. Artists. He also utilizes his sword to slice up anything in his way with in order to build up different sorts of combos to tear down the enemy.5. Publishers in India - Gamemela Game x2013 Elsword India. Please download to view.We are always happy to assist you. Raven-Weapon Taker. Tags:Weapon Taker ElWiki,Raven ElWiki,Elsword Official Raven Weapon Taker Trailer YouTube,How to Become a Weapon Taker in Elsword 15 Steps with,Elsword Raven job Change Weapon Taker YouTube, Elsword raven weapon taker by Free Online Games issuu Elsword.Now, this is the tree for ST or Sword Taker (Bleh, this made me mad that BM was a worth while wait) and the reason I added this is because it has a few moves that are better than the ones on the BM tree. Elsword Skill Cut In On Shops And Ravens. Elsword Tv Tropes. 510 Best Images About Elsword On.Sword Taker Elwiki. Elsword Gm Check Out These Illustrations And Screenshots Of. Related. Elsword Raven Weapon Taker.Elsword Sword Taker. Sword Taker is best in fast pace combos, but does little damage each hit. So, if your are into a lot of combos this is for you, but if you are more of 1 2 3 hit combo, then maybe Over Taker is best for you. choosing to take up the sword to suppress the power of his nasod arm raven becomes the sword RAVEN Blade Master ELSWORD. . The skill build A favored skill in PvP for its damage (especially with the Skill Note, which allows it to ignore the opponents defense). t6. t16. patreon. zzxGuia: Raven despues de cambiar de clase de Sword Taker a Blade I need tips regarding Ravens blade master. Video showing Raven-Sword Taker combos and skills, for people to want see this class in action before create a new character.[Elsword] PVP Infinity Sword vs Blade Master. watch in 720p BGM: Transparent Metropolis of the Sky High. Report this Image? favorite enlarge 117x152 13240 KB Sword Taker Source: Keys: anime, anime boy, armor, avatar, avatars, black hair, characters, elsword, games, mmorpg, raven, spikes, sword taker Submitted by Nish 3 years ago. Here is the top Elsword Raven Weapon Taker Build wallpaper images we have. The Sword Taker relies mainly on his sword to deliver flurries and slashes at extreme speeds. The Sword Taker can creep right behind his enemies and slash them to death if they are not too careful. Ravens new Nasod arm is powerful. Too powerful, in fact, that he has chosen not to rely on it. [Download] Elsword Blade Master Guide Episode 1 The Build.Download Elsword NA Raven Sword Taker Skill Flying Impact Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Sword Taker (Raven) Elsw V Din L Hnh Ca Thanh Elsword] Weapon Taker Re Recruiting ELSWORD CosElsword Weapon Taker Build. Elsword Veteran Commander. Zerochan has 4 Sword Taker (Raven) anime images, wallpapers, and many more in its gallery. Sword Taker (Raven) is a character from Elsword.Tagged under Elsword and Raven (Elsword). Sword Taker - ElWiki - The Sword Taker relies mainly on his sword to Raven can decide between advancing as a Sword Taker, Over Taker or Weapon Elsword KnightWeapon Taker Build. Lets play Elsword with Xeng.With ElswordKR season III skill revamp 8/6/2015, come a new Raven with new skills and animation set. Below are small clips of Ravens Sword Taker new skills as of 8/15/2015. Raven (Elsword). 1.5k likes. Raven is a fellow commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who rejected the idea of nobles and aristocrats. However, he was still Elsword Raven Sword Taker Over.Elsword] Raven Sword Taker. Source Abuse Report. Elsword Fr][pve Blade Master.

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