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US vs JPN New 3DS, New 3DS XL Hands On, Majoras Mask, Comparison to Old 3DS, and more!!The NEW 3DS launches today in Australia, I had one pre-release so heres the review :) NEW 3DS - Languages, Region Lock, Importing System Transfer New 3DS XL Review. Best 3DS Games. Free eShop Cards. 3DS / Wii U Game Reviews.The Nintendo 3DS XL feels comfortable in the hand and it has a nice design, however, its joystick is a little too high while its D-pad is a little too low. new 3ds xl review. Awkward replay. should i upgrade.Nintendo 3DS 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS XL New 3DS Review Upgrade C-stick 3D Majoras Mask The Legend of Zelda Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Nintendo is launching the first major revision of its 3DS hardware on February 13 in the U.S. The New Nintendo 3DS XL doesnt exactly have a name that rolls off the tongue, but it does reflect that what youre getting is hardware thats very similar to its predecessor Its been three years since Nintendo released the 3DS XL, and its time for an upgrade. The New 3DS XL comes bearing promises of faster speeds and better 3D, but does it actually deliver? New Nintendo 3DS XL review. The gimmicky handheld gets a second shot at greatness, but this is more evolution than revolution.But where else are you going to play some of Nintendos best modern games, not to mention a solid handful of third-party efforts? Nintendo New 3DS XL review.

Its amazing, and makes 3D a feature that used to be faintly migraine-inducing into one you cant believe you lived without.This years additions to the family are the unimaginatively named New 3DS (149.99) and New 3DS XL (179.99). For 3DS Review. Coming from the original, tiny Nintendo 3DS, I personally found the New 3DS to be much more of a no-brainer upgrade. Ive been yearning for the XLs bigger display for a while, and the new features sweetened the deal tremendously. Though New 3DS XL has only slightly better battery life than 3DS XL, roughly 30 minutes more per charge, this should also help curb the number of times you need to recharge your battery over time.Latest Reviews. PC. PS4. Решил сделать обзор New Nintendo 3DS XL в сравнении с обычной версией консоли New Nintendo 3DS, думаю будет полезн.Обзор Nintendo 2DS New Super Mario Bros. 2 Special Edition и Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Omega Ruby. New Nintendo 3DS XL Review Should You Upgrade?Brendo Hard Case For New Nintendo 3DS XL Review - Best 3DS Case?! Is this the best case for your Ninendo 3DS? The New 3DS XL is out today, and launches alongside the smaller, regular New 3DS (in Europe at least) which has the same additions and improvements.Disclaimer: The New 3DS XL was supplied for review by Nintendo. New Nintendo 3DS XL Review!After a week of getting to use the newest iteration of the Nintendo 3DS, here are my thoughts on the New 3DS XL and if you should purchase one or upgrade! New Nintendo 3DS XL Review. reviews.The New 3DS, with a capital N, is a significant upgrade over any other lower-case new 3DS you might buy in the store.

Tell your friends. New Nintendo 3DS XL review. Face tracking lets the New 3DS XL deliver the experience Nintendo always wanted. Share. New Nintendo 3DS is almost here! Nintendos major revision of the already-great 3DS is upon us, releasing in Europe and North America on February 13. The New Nintendo 3DS XL is coming to both territories, costing around 199.99/179.99/199.99Euros. New Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo 3DS Gaming Gallery Review Video. That took long enough, is probably what youre thinking. Thats fair, though Id argue I needed a complete picture before I started this review. Tal como lo mencione en el video cuento mi propia experiencia con la consola y no tanto la diferencia con las anteriores. New Nintendo 3DS 3DS XL Review. Загружено 21 ноября 2014.How does Nintendos New Nintendo 3DS XL stack up? Is it worth purchasing? Find out in this in-depth review! NEW 3DS - Full Review - Does it suck? My "New 3DS XL" Review. Thread starter Lethal.So far I am enjoying my New 3DS XL. The new 3D face tracking has allowed me to actually enjoy the 3D on my device. I absolutely hated the 3D on the original 3DS devices. New Nintendo 3DS XL review.The 2DS XL, 3DS and 3DS XL also have 256MB of storage built-in, while the 2DS has 128MB. All machines, as explained above, are capable of expansion through microSD. Gallery: New Nintendo 3DS review | 22 Photos.The New 3DS LL got me to the title screen in 15 seconds, with the New 3DS trailing in 18 last years 3DS XL, meanwhile, took a criminal 34 seconds. New nintendo 2ds xl review - ign, On the surface, the new 2ds xl includes everything the new 3ds xl does in a smaller, better-designed package, just without 3d. the c-stick is still a New nintendo 3ds - wikipedia, The new nintendo 3ds is a handheld game console developed by nintendo New 3DS XL Review. By Chad Goodmurphy 3 years ago.As happened with the release of its enlarged XL variant, the Big Ns 3DS handheld is about to get another upgrade with the debut of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL versions. The name — New 3DS XL — asks us to think of the latest model as part of the same family, just with a few minor upgrades. Of course, that couldnt be further from the truth.This is what makes reviewing the New Nintendo 3DS XL so difficult. New Nintendo 3DS 3DS XL Review. Player VIP Download MP4.New Nintendo 2DS XL Hands-On, Unboxing, Overview 2:41NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL! Luckily for Nintendo, this isnt a review of the naming process and well be focusing on the improvements made to the system. Its also worth pointing out that while weve been getting our mitts around the New Nintendo 3DS XL, theres also a smaller model (the New Nintendo 3DS) The company has announced that it will be launching a New 2DS XL in July and the 3DS XL is still very much alive and kicking which suggests to us the handheld will be around for some time to come. Original review continues below New Nintendo 3DS XL review. By Polygon Staff on February 13, 2015 at 7:00pm.The Nintendo 3DS has only been on the market for four years, but it already has a successor of sorts in the New Nintendo 3DS XL. New Nintendo 2DS XL Review: Hardware and design.

New hinge placement gives the 2DS XL a more graceful look when in use but when closed it sticks out awkwardly along the consoles top edge with the forward camera partially visible too. I decided to do a review on the New Nintendo 3DS XL which came out in February. Ive got it since the launch so here is my review. Now everyone was shocked when this was announced but I was okay because I felt like I needed to upgrade anyway since my original launch 3DS died the same month. The New 3DS XL has a pretty short stylus, too, shorter than the 3DS XLs. You might want to think about getting a larger stylus.Bottom line: its still a good system, though, and the best 3DS yet. (For a second opinion, check out the New 3DS XL review from our friends at Gizmodo.) New Nintendo 3DS XL Review. Daniel BischoffFriday, February 13 2015.Thats easily the picket line to Nintendos own 3DS lineup, adding 2DS and New 3DS versions in a short span of time. With so many different styles, hardware revisions, and special edition bundles to choose from, well give the Oh right, and the new 3DS XL doesnt come with a charger. That was not a typo. You read it correctly. There is no way to charge the new 3DS XL out of the box.Editors Note, February 13, 2015: CNET Australia originally reviewed the New 3DS XL back in November 2014, but weve updated this review After a week of getting to use the newest iteration of the Nintendo 3DS, here are my thoughts on the New 3DS XL and if you should purchase one or upgrade! Смотреть New 3DS XL Review Ютуб видео, музыка, фильмы, обзоры, игровое и познавательное видео, и ещё многое другое,у нас найдёшь всё - мы ждёмIts been one year since my last Whats on my New 3DS XL video and Ive bought a lot of games and even upgraded my system since then. (New Nintendo 3DS was released on February 13 in North America [New 3DS XL only] and Europe. Weve re-promoted this review to give you an in-depth look of the system.) The 2DS hardware refresh sacrifices 3D for a much more attractive design. Review by Kat Bailey, 07/11/2017.From a pure technical standpoint, the New 2DS XL is not appreciably different from its forebearer—the New 3DS. The New 3DS is a great handheld games console but is it worth the upgrade from the original 3DS or 3DS XL? We investigate in our New Nintendo 3DS review. The New 3DS XL bears more than a passing resemblance to the old 3DS XL, but some things have changed to make way for new buttons and controls, and even familiar parts have been relocated as a result. New Nintendo 3DS (XL) - Review. Schon wieder ein neuer 3DS? Ja, aber dieses Mal scheint es sich definitiv zu lohnen! Warum?New Nintendo 3DS XL Review | Faceplates Not Included. While the regular New 3DS is very comfortable, the larger form factor of the XL suited my larger hands better, with the fatter stylus and longer battery life acting as nice bonuses.Super Mario Maker 3DS review fantastic but flawed. New Nintendo 3DS review. Nintendoes what smartphones dont.Thats not to say that theyre otherwise identical — the New 3DS XL has a very similar design to the existing 3DS XL, but the regular New 3DS does a better job of justifying the name. Review Price: 179.99. What is the New Nintendo 3DS XL?The New Nintendo 3DS XL is, without doubt, the best version of the 3DS ever, and the most feature-rich, comfortable and cleverly thought-out Nintendo handheld since the DS Lite. The New 3DS and larger screen New 3DS XL went on sale in Japan in October, and in Australia on November 21st and thats it.I have more to say about Amiibo in general, but thatll run in my Wii U Smash Bros review. In many ways buying the New 3DS XL involves buying back into the 3DS space New Nintendo 3DS 3DS XL Review.US vs JPN New 3DS, New 3DS XL Hands On, Majoras Mask, Comparison to Old 3DS, and more!! Find out if this system is the right upgrade for you!! The New Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo. It is the fourth system in the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld consoles, following the original Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo 3DS XL, and the Nintendo 2DS. With so many improvements made to the 3DS formula, Nintendos New 3DS XL may be its best handheld yet. Visit all of our channels: Features Reviews - httpIm getting a 3Ds XL and I feel like the 199 will be worth it. xninja: I just got my new 3ds xl today. US vs JPN New 3DS, New 3DS XL Hands On, Majoras Mask, Comparison to Old 3DS, and more!!The NEW 3DS launches today in Australia, I had one pre-release so heres the review :) NEW 3DS - Languages, Region Lock, Importing System Transfer The New 3DS XL is, at its core, a lot like the old 3DS XL. Though there is also a non- XL version of the New 3DS, it isnt available to the US market.New Nintendo 3DS XL Competition. Send your products to be reviewed. Contact James Bruce for further details.

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