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First Justin Biebers hot Calvin Klein viral ad and now the spoof! Saturday Night Live came up with the parody version the ad and we cant stop laughing. Check out what Justin Bieber has to say about it. With Stefon long gone, Kate McKinnons Justin Bieber impression is SNLs most reliable weapon. They pulled it out for maximum damage last night in this parody of Biebers Calvin Klein ad. Check out the hilarious clip below, courtesy of NBC. Must Watch: SNL Parodies Biebers Calvin Klein Ad.New year, new bieber: how jb is rebranding for 2015. This isnt the first parody of Justins much talked about Calvin Klein commercials, but its bigger, better, and much more raw. Justin Bieber is a big boy now. As in, a large man-child who drinks juice boxes and loves banging on his drum set. Thats according to " Saturday Night Live," who parodied Biebers new Calvin Klein ads last night, with " SNL" cast member Kate McKinnon SNL Mocks Justin Biebers Calvin Klein Ads in This Hilarious Commercial Parody.News, Videos, Calvin Klein, Justin Bieber, Saturday Night Live, SNL. UPDATE: Justin Bieber has responded to SNLs parody, saying in a tweet, "Well played.So when a sexy Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign starring the 20-year-old pop star was released, and then sparked rumors and conspiracy theories about hispackage, naturally, the actress stepped up to the Kate McKinnon took on the thankless role of being Justin Bieber for parodies of Calvin Klein ads on last nights Saturday Night Liveand that was pretty smart casting. We also dont have any complaints about Cecily Strong looking hot as a non- parody of awesome Aussie model Lara Stone. Justin Bieber responded with a well-played tweet (pun intended) to NBC Saturday Night Lives official Twitter account, after the shows recent spoof of his Calvin Klein underwear ads following disputed claims of photoshopping. While SNL was still airing and the hilarious but merciless parody went viral It looks like Justin Bieber found that "Saturday Night Live" sketch that poked fun at his Calvin Klein underwear ads as hilarious as the rest of us did. After "SNL" cast member Kate McKinnon impersonated him in the parody over the weekend Calvin Klein recently launched a new mycalvins ad campaign with tattooed celeb Justin Bieber as the main male model.Now, the Saturday Night Live crew has joined the fun, releasing its own take on the photoshoot. Thats exactly how I felt watching Justin Biebers Calvin Klein ad campaign. Boy, did Kate McKinnon deliver with her Bieber impression on SNL this week. In this Satudays episode, hosted by Wedding Ringers Kevin Hart, there were recurring ad parodies with Cecily Bryant as Lara Stone and Kate Justin Bieber Calvin Spoof SNL The Evolution of Justin Bieber. See Gallery.At two different points, the parody has McKinnon pointing to her stuffed Calvins as she saysTake a look at the real Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad to compare them.

Do you think SNL went too far with their version? Even Justin Bieber Thinks The SNL Parody Of His Calvin Klein Ad IsJustin Bieber Responds to Kate McKinnons SNL Calvin Klein Parody Any chance for Kate McKinnon to dust off her amazing impersonation of Justin Bieber is more than welcome, so this weeks episode brought a parody of the Biebs recent Calvin Klein photo shoot.2. Justin Bieber ads. 3. Kevin Harts monologue.

SNLs Kate McKinnon is brilliant in this parody of Justin Biebers Calvin Klein underwear ads! If you are outside of the U.S you can try this video instead Toggle Conversation tools. Go to permalink. Like a drum-playing, moderately-tattooed set of Russian nesting dolls, heres Justin Bieber enacting a parody of the SNL parody of his Calvin KleinThe enactment is not sans promotion, of course: Biebers Comedy Central roast is set to air on March 30. SNLs Justin Bieber Parody Restores Our Faith In Humanity.Complete with tattoos, pompadour, and Biebs trademark come-hither eyebrows, McKinnon skewered pretty much everything that squicked us about the original Calvin Klein ads starring Biebs. SNL. In case you missed it, the most viral clips of the Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live were the fake ads parodying Justin Biebers Calvin Klein spots.nbcsnl well played. Lol. — Justin Bieber (justinbieber) January 18, 2015. And Kate McKinnon proves once again that shes a national treasure. Sunday, 18 January 2015. SNL Mocks Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads.Saturday Night Live Parodies Justin Bieber. The footage goes on to mock Biebers body and the rumor that his abs and hair were edited by those behind the pictorial. Justin Bieber is a big boy now.Thats according to "Saturday Night Live," who parodied Biebers new Calvin Klein ads last night, with "SNL" cast member Kate McKinnon playing the part of the Biebs. My peepees in there: Saturday Night Live mocks Justin Bieber and his new Calvin Klein underwear ads!The Canadian singer was played by Kate McKinon in the parody ads, with Cecily Strong taking on the role of model Lara Stone. This is too hilarious, someone give Kate McKinnon from SNL a raise. Watch the spot on parody below: Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) strips down for a new set of Calvin Klein underwear ads. Calvin Klein Ad Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon took a dig at Justin Bieber when she made a hilarious parody of his new ad campaign for Calvin Klein.The parody video was aired on SNL on Saturday, while pointing towards her boxer-briefs-covered crotch. "Im a big boy now," McKinnon says. — Justin Bieber (justinbieber) January 18, 2015. SNL regular Kate McKinnon flexed and pouted in her unflattering portrayal of the 20-year-old.Justin Bieber Photoshop in Calvin Klein Campaign.This RIDICULOUS Room Ad Is Being Slam More from The Stir: Justin Bieber Fans Threaten Model Lara Stone Because of Hot Calvin Klein Ads. The ad ends with a funny close-up shot of the underwear size a lot of us imagine Justin wears -- hint: its probably a lot smaller than Marky Marks. Calvin Klein Ad - SNL. Saturday Night Live.Justin Bieber Responds to Hilarious SNL Calvin Klein Kate McKinnon Parody - Продолжительность: 2:14 Clevver News 750 147 просмотров. Courtesy of Calvin Klein/NBC/Instagram.Selena Gomez Reacts To Justin Bieber SNL Spoof Of Calvin Klein Underwear Ad. Selena watched SNLs parody on Justin and thought it was hysterical. Justin Bieber Lara Stone - Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015, Calvin Klein Ad - SNL, Bieber Strips Off for Calvin Klein, Unretouched Photos Of JustinJustin Biebers Bieber roast commercial calvin Klein photoshoot parody. Justin Biebers Calvin Klein Ad Controversy - CONAN on TBS. Justin Bieber got the SNL treatment this weekend as the late-night sketch show did a parody of the singers racy Calvin Klein campaign. Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong played Justin and Lara Stone, respectively. The ad has Justin acting as a petulant child (so, not unlike how he usually SNL - Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Parody - Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads Mocked - We love it when Saturday Night Lives Kate McKinnon does her Justin Bieber Watch all three parody commercials here. And check out Justin Biebers original Calvin Klein ad here. Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Calvin Klein Ads Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) strips down for a new set of Calvin Klein underwear ads. Whenever I think about Bieber in the context of SNL, I always think about Bill Hader saying he was the worst host he ever worked with. Justin Biebers got a sense of humor about himself, at least when it comes to SNL parodies. NEWS: SNL Spoofs Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads and His Bulge After the late- night variety show poked fun at his new Calvin Klein campaign To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. SNL spoofs Justin Biebers Calvin Klein adsIt seems as though Bieber appreciated the parody: RT justinbieber nbcsnl well played. Lol. — Saturday Night Live (nbcsnl) January 18, 2015. SNL took on Justin Biebers sultry, black-and-white Calvin Klein ads in a ridiculously hilarious spoof this weekend -- and the Biebs himself responded.Anddddd were done. Beliebers, check out the SNL parody above! Saturday Night Live parodied Justin Biebers shirtless Calvin Klein ads in their live episode this past weekend with commedian Kate McKinnon playing the Biebs.VIDEO: SNL Mocks Justin Biebers Calvin Klein Ad. The funniest parody of Justin Bieber commercial to Calvin Klein. Justin Biebers starring role in Calvin Kleins new ad campaign inspired the best skit from the January 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring Kevin Hart as guest host and Sia as theWatch SNLs Calvin Klein parody up top, then see Kate McKinnon explain how she imitates Justin Bieber below. Share. Tweet. Pin. Email. In what was the parody everyone was waiting for, " Saturday Night Live" cast member Kate McKinnon reprised her famous Justin Bieber impression to spoof the pop singers recent Calvin Klein ads. Closed Captioning. ON OFF. Apply | reset x. Text Display. Background. Human comedy-treasure Kate McKinnon has been doing Bieber impressions on Saturday Night Live for a while, but shes never had a target as ripe for parody as Biebers recent Calvin Klein ads.— Justin Bieber (justinbieber) January 18, 2015. Now, the SNL parodies of the above two adverts, starring Kate McKinnon and her dead-on impression of the pop star.The Real Ads Below are images from the actual Calvin Klein print campaign with Justin Bieber and Lara Stone, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott NBCs "Saturday Night Live" poked fun at singer Justin Bieber in a skit spoofing his recent Calvin Klein underwear commercial.

Dogs parody strangers kissing video. GoldieBlox cashes in with Super Bowl ad. SNLs Parody of Justin Biebers Calvin Klein Ads Is Absurdly Funny. Oh, Justin Bieber. If there is one thing you are good for, it is giving us endless amounts of material to make fun of. And in lieu of Biebers current Calvin Klein ads, SNL jumpedThe parody dives right into the black-and-white photo shoot, giving us an inside look of how the young singer acted on set. When Photoshop rumors first surfaced surrounding Justin Biebers bulge in those Calvin Klein ads, he responded with threat of legal action, and evenJustin Bieber Justin Bieber Snl Parody Justin Bieber Responds To Snl Parody Justin Bieber Snl Parody Tweet Justin Bieber Calvins Ad. Justin Biebers got a sense of humor about himself, at least when it comes to SNL parodies. NEWS: SNL Spoofs Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads and His Bulge. After the late- night variety show poked fun at his new Calvin Klein campaign, with castmember Kate McKinnon portraying the star as Justin Biebers Calvin Klein ads and the Photoshop allegations related to them were asking to be parodied, and Saturday Night Live delivered. Kate McKinnon brought back her Bieber impersonation and channeled the 20-year-old singer for the sketch Kate McKinnon Spoofs Justin Bieber On SNL — See His Response.17. This time, McKinnon took aim at the singers recent Calvin Klein campaign. In the parody, a fully tatted McKinnon spoofs the drum-playing Biebers sensual black-and-white advertisement — and his bulge — alongside SNL And you bet your size XXS Calvin Klein whitie tighties that the Biebs WOULD have something to say about the parody. He tweeted back to SNL on Twitter, saying, Well played.Justin Biebers Calvin Klein Ad Controversy - CONAN on TBS. 3 years ago.

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